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Election 2010

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GRAPHIC: Kat Downs and Nathaniel Vaughn Kelso
*Includes seats not up for election. Independent incumbents are grouped with the party they caucus with. SOURCE: AP
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Forecast maps

Exit polls

Highlights from the preliminary data

Tea party canvass

Tea Party Canvass

An up-close look at the tea party and its role in the midterm elections


Campaign cash

Who's spending where in 2010

Candidate profiles
California - Barbara Boxer , Carly S. Fiorina
Colorado - Michael Bennet , Ken Buck
Conneticut - Richard Blumenthal , Linda E. McMahon
Delaware - Chris Coons , Christine O'Donnell
Illinois - Alexi Giannoulias , Mark Kirk
Kentucky - Jack Conway , Rand Paul
Missouri - Roy Blunt , Robin Carnahan
Nevada - Sharron Angle , Harry M. Reid
New Hampshire - Kelly Ayotte , Paul W. Hodes
Pennsylvania - Joe Sestak , Patrick Toomey
Washington - Patty Murray , Dino Rossi
West Virginia - Joe Manchin III , John Raese
Wisconsin - Russell Feingold , Ron Johnson
Alabama District 2 - Bobby Bright , Martha Roby
Hawaii District 1 - Charles K. Djou , Colleen Hanabusa
Indiana District 9 - Baron P. Hill , Todd Young
Iowa District 3 - Leonard L. Boswell , Brad Zaun
Missippi District 1 - Travis Childers , Alan Nunnelee
Nevada District 3 - Joseph J. Heck , Dina Titus
New Hampshire District 1 - Carol Shea-Porter , Frank Guinta
New Mexico District 2 - Stevan E. Pearce , Harry Teague
Ohio District 16 - John Boccieri , Jim Renacci
South Carolina District 5 - John "Mick" Mulvaney , John Spratt
Wisconsin District 7 - Sean P. Duffy
California - Meg Whitman , Jerry Brown
Florida - Alex Sink , Rick Scott
Illinois - Patrick Quinn , Bill Brady
Massachusetts - Deval Patrick , Charles D. Baker Jr.
Ohio - Ted Strickland , John Kasich
South Carolina - Nikki Haley ,